Our Interior Design services include:

– Spatial planning

– Room layouts

– Electrical layouts

– Material and finishes selection

– Kitchen design and layout

Our Interior Decoration service includes the sourcing, procurement and installation of furniture, fabric and equipment such as:

– Artwork, pictures, mirrors and framing

– Cabinetry and carpentry

– Drapery and upholstery

– Flooring, rugs and carpeting

– Custom made furniture and decor pieces

– Accessories, ornaments and objets d’art

– Lighting and lamps

With our artistic conceptual building design service we can collaborate with your chosen architects, or we can put you in touch with our partners Bosch Architects, to create unique concepts which go beyond the conventional.

With our Creative Direction service we will liaise with project contractors, architects, joiners, painters etc to ensure design continuity throughout the project.


Our first consultation is free. Ideally this happens in the space you would like to design. This is when we start to get to know you and your needs for the space. The design part comes later, in this phase we are just gathering information.


We send all of our clients a client questionnaire which formulates the basis of the brief we will follow. We also begin assessing the space with measurements, photos, etc. Once this has all been done we sign a letter of agreement which protects both parties. An initiation deposit is paid and the project is considered to have started.

Concept Design

In this phase we examine your brief and begin to design the space. Whilst we will always try to address all the elements of our client’s brief, we feel it is important to inform you if we feel there is are alternative solutions or options. We use image references, samples, plans and other tools to create a presentation which most effectively communicates our design ideas.


Once our concept has been formulated it’s time for us to present our ideas to you. Using a variety of presentation elements such as mood boards, sample boards, floor plans, renders, we show you how we envisage your space.

We do not share hard copies of our designs until we have been appointed to the project.

Documentation and procurement

Once the design concept has been approved, we sign a letter of appointment, and then it’s time to draught any technical drawings that may be required for contractors to implement. This is also when we begin the procurement process for all of the decorative elements of the project. As this is a crucial part of the project we don’t like to rush it.

Installation and Handover

We oversee the delivery and installation of all elements of the project within our scope. Once everything is in and we have done the final placement and made pretty, we handover to you to enjoy your beautiful new space.